Some DES Auxiliary Data files (publically available) are found here

Files for distribution to DES collaboraters may be found here. Examples are: pupil and illumcors sets, flat field sets, Supernovae sets, calibration zeropoint sets, coadd tile center coordinates. This is not the main DES data archive -- that's at NCSA DESDM

Public and Collaboration Distribution Area

DES files for distribution

Auxiliary files: coaddtile list, pupils, illumcors, etc

Auxiliary Files Dir

Collaboration access only Auxiliary files:special info

Collab Auxiliary Files Dir

Supernovae files

SN Dir

Collaboration access only Photometric Calibration files

Calib Dir

Public access Photometric Calibration files

Public_Calib Dir

Dark Energy Detectives storage area

Dark Energy Detectives
SDSS SN legacy web site: sdsssn
MAGLITES: maglites
WISE_CUTOUTS: wise_cutouts
DES50B des50b des50.b
BLISS: bliss
DES-GW SOAR: desgw_soar
DEEP SKIES LAB deepskieslab
Balrog, Y3 metacal Balrog
Balrog stacked catalogs Balrog_stacked_catalogs
kadrlica catalogs kadrlica
buckley catalogs buckley